Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Extra Classic - Showcase - Album Release!!!

The Extra Classic Showcase album is now available!!!  See links below to order on Limited Press Vinyl LP, CD, or Digital.  Album liner notes by 70s Island Records Producer and DJ Extraordinaire, Danny Holloway:
The songs on this album are performed in “showcase” style.  This is a classic Jamaican format where the dub/version of a tune immediately follows the vocal version without stopping.  Extra Classic have developed a music style uniquely their own by successfully capturing golden-era Jamaican music’s stoney essence through a rock & roll prism.  As a DJ, I dig Extra Classic’s sturdy attack, Dri’s seductive vocals, and the masterful production.  Now it’s time for you to experience Extra Classic’s Showcase!  Dweet!!!

Mastered by Dubplates & Mastering Berlin, Germany.  Jackets and Vinyl Printed & Pressed in California.  LIMITED PRESS VINYL WITH SILVER FOIL COVER.
Buy Vinyl LP or CD here: http://www.nopalrecords.com/releases/
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